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فالو فوکوس PD MOVIE Follow Focus System remote live

- فالو فوکوسی بسیار سبک و با کاربردهای مختلف
- قابلیت نصب به روی انواع دستگاههای مختلف مانند انواع گیمبال ،شولدر ،بیس پلیت ،کرین و....
- سیستم کالیبره اتوماتیک اولیه لنز
- سیستم موتور از نوع دیجیتالی
-طراحی بدنه از نوع آلیاژ آلومینیوم
- سیستم کنترل چندگانه
-سازگار با رودهای 15 و 19 میلیمتری

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PDMOVIE يكي از برندهاي حرفه اي مي باشد كه در عرصهٔ تجهیزات سینمایی فعالیت چشمگیری دارد و در سطح جهان کاملا شناخته شده می باشد شده و نظر بسیاری از تصوير برداران سينما وتلويزيون در سطح جهان به خود جلب کرده است. از محصولات این شرکت فالو فوکوس وایرلس یک کاناله می‌باشد که به شما امکان فوکوس کشی‌ و تنظیم زوم و ایریس دوربینهای سینمایی را تا فاصلهٔ ۹۲ متر میدهد.

 کمپانی PD MOVIE  این فالو فوکوس را به گونه ای طراحی کرده که می توان آنرا به سیستمهای مختلفی مانند رونین ویا گیمبالهای دیگر،شولدر ،سه پایه های فیلمبرداری  بجای زوم دیمند ویا فوکوس دیمند در کارهای استودیویی و سینمایی و غیره استفاده نمود


The supreme advantage of REMOTE LIVE is that it can nearly satisfy all your follow focus requirements. Moreover, it can be used along with more equipment, such as professional tripod, steadicam, rocker arm, stabilizer, etc. Regardless of shoulder-on, handheld, or live broadcasting. REMOTE LIVE can realize all kinds of focusing and zooming control, which will become an indispensable necessity during your shooting process



In order to exploit REMOTE LIVE’s advantages to the full, all-round innovation is required. REMOTE LIVE with specific clamp can be installed on the handles of various professional equipment, even replacing the orginal handles directly. Besides, through rotating nut, it can access to pipes with the diameters ranging from 15MM to 30MM. At the same time, its index plates on three different sides can realize different angle and azimuthal installation. Its ingenious design makes it so flexible




When you hold REMOTE LIVE in your hands, you can feel its superexcellent handle, fine and mellow chamfer, integrated unibody, unique abrasive blasting technology, and meticulous hand wheel lines. Apart from reduplicative polishing, we also have a strict control over the smoothness of the hand wheel as well as the sensitivity of NERVE key, until extraordinary tactility is presented on your hands


We have transplanted all functions of REMOTE AIR into REMOTE LIVE, such as automatic shot detection, automatic current and speed distribution, motor reversing, as well as AB Point setting function aiming at EF shot. You can implement all these excellent functions through NERVE key. (Function setting introduction is attached)

Automatic stroke detectionLong press for three seconds, do not release until lens rotate
Forward/backward shift of drive wheelFive continuous short presses
Linear buffer mode shiftSeven continuous short presses
Manually set up the stroke (Point AB)
SetupTwo presses: first is short press; then is long press, and set Point AB by toggling the hand wheel at the same time, do not release until it is finished;
RevokeTwo continuous short presses to revoke the set stroke;
Invoke previous manual stroke

Short press after re-start, Remote Live will automatically restore the previously saved stroke setup





Brand new REMOTE LIVE has loaded linear buffering zoom mode as a breakthrough which makes advancing and stretching zoom process with uniform velocity become more flexible. In standard mode, 360° can turn a full circle, while switching to buffering mode, 216° can turn a full circle, which allows you to control zoom more smoothly


REMOTE LIVE can be standby for 48 hours under normal temperature. Motor can work continuously for more than 3 hours in normal use. Internal battery can provide more than 1000 times’ circulation of full charge and discharge. Besides, it can also achieve instant start within standby time of 30 days



مشخصات بسته بندی/Packing information
ابعاد کارتن دستگاه/ Box Dimensions LxWxH
15.1 x 10.8 x 3.5"اینچ
وزن کامل با کارتن/ Package Weight
فالو فوکوس/Follow Focus
وایرلس / Wireless
Frequency:2.4 GHz Channels:20
کانکتور / Connectors
Receiver 1 x 4-pin LEMO for power 1 x 10-pin LEMO connection to motor 1 1 x 10-pin LEMO connection to motor 2 (not used) Remote Handwheel 1 x 4-pin LEMO (power charging)
برق / power
تقریبا ۳۰ ساعت با شارژ یک شب
موتور / motor
Type 1xHigh torque motor ; Motor Cable Connectors: 10-pin LEMO male/female Length: 28" (71.12 cm)
هارد کیس / hard case
Water Repellant Polypropylene Construction O-Ring Seal Black pre-cut foam Pressure relief valve
ابعاد / Dimension
Transmitter 8.25 x 2.5 x 3.1" (20.96 x 6.35 x 7.87 cm) receiver 3.75 x 2.25 x 0.75" (9.53 x 5.72 x 1.91 cm) Hard Case 15.25 x 12.25 x 4.5" (38.74 x 35.12 x 11.43 cm)

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